Course Content

  • 1

    Welcome to StreetText

    • Your trial starts here

    • Resources to get you started

    • A tour of StreetText

    • Finish setting up your account

    • Set up your SMS auto responder

    • Setting Up Your Email Signature

  • 2

    How does this all work?

    • The Funnel

  • 3

    It All Begins with an Ad

    • Ad Targeting

    • Building the Sellers 12 Tips Ad

    • Building a Buyer Ad

    • Building a Listing Ad

    • What is a split test and why is it important?

    • Reading Your Ad Performance

    • Reading a Split Test a case study

    • Building a Home Evaluation Seller Ad (Trial Upgrade)

  • 4

    Follow Up

    • How to Follow Up with a 12 Tips Lead

  • 5

    Home Evaluation Follow-Up (Trial Upgrade)

    • The Seller Capture Process

    • What happens and what to do when you get a home evaluation lead

    • What do I do with address only leads?

    • Let's talk home evaluations

    • Home Evaluation Email Templates