Course curriculum

  • 1

    Introduction: Back to Basics this Market Shift

  • 2

    Introspection to Dominate Your Business

    • DISC Assessment for the Win

    • Take Your Free DISC/Value Assessment

    • DISC Assessment and Value Index Findings

  • 3

    Effectively Managing Your Schedule

    • The7 Key Tasks to Build Your Schedule Around

    • Activity Blocking is My Favorite

    • Want to Set Up Your Google Calendar for Success?

    • Your Current Schedule

  • 4

    Prospecting to Maintain and Grow Your Business

    • Prospecting Overview

    • Open House Strategies to Win:Video

    • Open House Strategies to Win: Creating the Packet

    • Agent Previews of Properties

    • Your FREE Customizable THIS or THAT Social Media Templates

    • Social Media Posts to Attract and Retain Your Audience

    • Your FREE Customizable Social Media Templates for the WHOLE YEAR and Beyond

    • Batch Post Your Content Across MULTIPLE Social Media Platforms at ONE Time

    • Batch Posting Video: How Does it Work?

    • Door Knocking Tips and Tricks

    • Flyers and Mailers

    • Newsletters

    • Newsletter Template for Non KvCore Users

    • Newsletter Template Guide for KvCore Users

    • Agent Preview: Video and Social Media Post Sample

  • 5

    The Follow Up to Convert

    • Winning Email Campaigns to Convert Prospects to Clients:Buyers

    • Winning Email Campaigns to Convert Prospects to Clients:Sellers

    • Text Version of Buyer and Seller Email Campaigns

    • Videos to Sprinkle in Your Follow Up

    • The Nurturing Method for Past Clients

    • Connecting Streettext Leads to Your Follow Up Email Campaigns:

    • The Vendor Relationship

    • Per Your Request: The Buyer Presentation and the "Listing Presentation"

  • 6

    The Art of Maintaining Your Current Deals

    • The Art of Maintaining Your Current Deals

    • Quick Question

    • Gmail templates Navigating the Buying or Selling Process

  • 7

    Knowing Your Market Like a Top Agent

    • Know Your Stuff!

    • How to Utilize NARRPR to Help KNOW Your Market

  • 8


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